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Beau-Ann was born on 30 May 2009 in Almere. It soon became clear that she would find her way in the sport. In swimming lessons she went like the light of lightning and with her young age of only 6 years she already had ABC in her pocket. Then she decided to continue for her swimming skills 1, 2 and 3. At the moment she started her swimming skills 3 and at the age of 8 she will also have swimming skills 1, 2 and 3 in her pocket. A real go-getter!
Besides swimming lessons she also started with kickboxing and piano lessons. You could call her a centipede.

At school Beau performs above level. She scores very high in the field of calculating. Instead of telling stories before bedtime, Beau likes to do things very well. A separate way to fall asleep, but ah. She follows the Dalton education because it fits best with her upbringing, but certainly also with her character; strong, eager to learn, adrem, curious, social and responsible.

Beau started kickboxing at the age of 6. Unfortunately, the 1st kickboxschool did not like her and in the 2nd she lost her enthusiasm because fighting was not a question due to her young age. She was in total less than 3 months busy, so then you think; mission fails, on to another sport.


Beau-Ann July Mae Roelvink
Goldenchild Beau

Ranked #3 Nederland K1 (7/8/9 yr <25kg)
Ranked #3 Duitsland K1 (7/8/9 yr <25kg)
Ranked #3 Europa K1 (7/8/9 yr <25kg)
Ranked #3 Wereld K1 (7/8/9 yr <25kg)

Age: 9
Weight: +/- 26kg
Length: 130cm

2 opponents canceled (3 party Selina Mulder and 5th party …)

Fight since: mid-March 2017
Fight at: Mike’s Gym Amsterdam

Fight since: mid-May 2018 also with
Team vd Stam / Hemmers Gym Amsterdam (approx. 1x p.m)


Until Beau started suddenly on her 7th, and so ended up at FightMasters Almere. The click was immediate, super to see that she had found herself. Under the direction of Harold Deekman, Beau trained within 2 weeks from 1 to 2 times per week and almost immediately to 3 times per week.

After 1.5 months she already had her 1st fight! No demo, no, a real fight. As proud as a peacock, she has been training very hard, despite the fever, crying she pressed further into the lesson. And of course .. as we all know Beau, she won! With this she is the youngest pupil ever with Fightmasters who has fought a real party.

Right after the start of the 2nd round, the referee stopped the fight and Beau had the cup she wanted so badly.

Since sept. 2018 trains Beau-ann with great pleasure at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam.
Mike’s Gym is known for example from Badr Hari, Manhoef, but also think about Anissa and Groenhart.

The videos can be found in her media gallery, on Youtube or Instagram under the name GoldenchildBeauⒸ.


Beau-Ann pays attention to her diet, entirely of her own volition. Healthy living we do anyway, but Beau also really weighs whether she takes more candy, or is satisfied with what she has on. We eat vegetarian at home, which requires a certain discipline. A discipline that goes well with her. In order to reach all nutritional values, we use proteins. Something that is always a welcome addition to kickboxing and other sports, vegetarian or not.

At home, Beau has a punching bag, speedball, kettle bell, a skipping rope, push-up supports and a pull-up bar.
She likes to play outside, but you suddenly see her doing kettlebell exercises in the garden. She really goes for it, for the full 200%.

The logo of Beau-Ann [GoldenchildBeau ©] is a death’s head. At first this seems a bit fierce, but we like to take the life lightly. The logo symbolizes her fighting spirit. Beau-Ann is not out to hurt her opponent in an excessive way.

Because of her enthusiasm and perseverance Beau already has several sponsors / partners. They all express their support in their own way. For example, Laser & Zo pays the costs of a competition, and FreshyMedia (also from Colorlens) helps us with the website. But her first international sponsor from America has also joined us: Quentin Jones (Texas). Since Feb. 2018 SOXS.co and DLUX DESIGN Eindhoven were added. In April 2018 MijnBitje.nl and TOYZ HAIRSTYLIST joined. In May 2018, BIZARR and Strong Sports Nutrition announced themselves as the newest sponsor, which we are very pleased with! June 2017 was added to Freezlab Amsterdam. A month later, in July, DIYsign.nl is connected to us.

On MijnBitje.nl you get a discount of 10% with discount code [Goldenchild]! View my bit here.

On 22 Oct. She participated in the World Championship K1 in 2017, finishing 3rd. A whole achievement after only 6 months of lessons!

Schedule Beau:

  • Monday: School until 3 pm, kickboxing from 6 pm to 7 pm.
  • Tuesday: School until 3 pm.
  • Wednesday: School until 12 pm and then kickboxing from 6 pm to 7 pm.
  • Thursday: School until 3 pm.
  • Friday: School until 3 pm and then kickboxing from 6 pm to 7 pm.
  • Saturday: Free – sometimes a game or tournament and otherwise a training at
    Hemmers Amsterdam with Team v/d Stam.
    Sunday: Taekwondo 10am to 12 am.

“I love the color blue, Japanese rap music (BTS), but also rice, pasta and especially fruit. Music, dancing and of course swimming and kickboxing are great to do.” Painting, drawing and other ways of visual arts are also great. a passion of mine.Because my mother thinks music is very important, I like piano lessons which I find surprisingly nice! I have friends and girlfriends, but my best friends are Anna & Faye. Every Sunday I try from 6 pm to 7 pm the LIVE chat.

Love, Beau-Ann. “

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