januari 10, 2018


Maxime is a 28-year-old young lady who comes from a working-class family and has worked very hard to work herself from MBO2 to the HBO and its future looked good.

Only she got syndromes that her family doctor dismissed as psychological and only a few years later was diagnosed by a different doctor Progressive MS.

From a self-employed woman you lived in an apartment to a lady in need of help who lives at home again.

There is a treatment that is unfortunately not reimbursed by the health insurers, namely an HSCT treatment.
HSCT treatment stops the MS in 87% of cases and often causes improvement.
Unfortunately, treatment in the Netherlands is not performed among MS patients.

Health insurers also do not want to reimburse the treatment.
The argument is that MS itself is not fatal, however, many MS patients die from bladder and kidney problems
or ultimately request euthanasia.

We have set up a foundation to raise money because this treatment costs a lot of money. A ton!

Foundation MaxtegenMS HTTPS://MaxtegenMS.nl


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