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Who am I?

10yr | 130cm | +/- 30kg | #3 Netherlands | #3 Germany | #3 Europa | #3 World

Beau-Ann was born on May 30 in Almere. After trying two kickboxing gyms, she thought she found her place at Fightmasters. She is ultimately the youngest pupil ever of Fightmasters Almere who has participated in a competition and won with a TKO in round 2. Unfortunately, Fightmasters and Beau-ann were no longer on the same line and so she tried out Mike's Gym & TTC The Hague. Both very good gyms, only we got stuck at the enormous travel times. As a surprise from heaven, there was Ropie's Gym. Around the corner! It was meant to be; Ropie and Beau-ann had a direct click. From day one they also participate in the competition group, which mainly consists of adults. Fortunately she met a very nice girlfriend & sparring partner there (Paris). Beau's entire day revolves around sports (especially MMA since mid-2019), and she does so at least 4 hours a week. K1 - 2 hours, MMA - 1 hour and Taekwondo - 1 hour. She is rarely satisfied, a good characteristic, but sometimes a pitfall. Beau-Ann is flexitarian, watches her diet, is aware of sugars and proteins, and takes her goal very seriously. Beau is performing above school, so she seems to be successful in every area. As her great-grandma called her; a real gold coin. This is where her name, Goldenchild, comes from. Beau-ann already has many sponsors, of which she is very proud. Take a look at the site.

Ropie´s Gym Almere


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1.1.2020 booklet Just like Beau 2.0 comes out!
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